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GingerHippo exists out of necessity in our market space. Seeing an abundance of “marketing companies”, or “website design companies”, or “advertising agencies”, who are promising the world and delivering little to no results, we aim to change the face of our industry, one satisfied customer at a time. Our results are quantifiable, and our efforts are unparalleled.

01. Truth

Honesty is always the best policy. Our clients take comfort in knowing we put the truth first, regardless of how we feel about it. Why? Because the truth always comes out, and it is the cornerstone for success.

02. Trust

We believe trust is a core responsibility. Our clients trust what we say, because our metrics always tell the truth. Trusting a companies abilities, efforts, and diligence, are extemely important, especially to GingerHippo.

03. Transparency

With truth and trust, comes transparency. There is never a wonder as to where we are at in our work, because our clients receive real time updates on our work. How cool is that?

Doing what we love

The Numbers Don’t Lie

We aren’t in the habit of hiding our metrics, because we are very proud of them. We love every single client who gives us the privilege of creating great things for them.


Average Revenue Increase


Client Retention


Meet Our Founder

Brad Batdorf

Owner, Principal

Prior to GingerHippo,  Brad “Rain Man” spent time in the US Army, then Corporate America. He is one of 62 people certified  by Google for Latent Semantic Indexing.  A big fan of tractors. We can’t find a single picture of him not riding one.

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