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People say we have a pretty cool place to work. We tend to agree. Explore our culture, openings, benefits, and work expectations.

Some highlights, before you scroll:

  • We are an hours based company, not a time based company. (Explained below)
  • All employees work from home. This allows us to hire the best candidates, globally.
  • Outstanding employee benefits, to include fully paid medical, profit sharing, and 401k.
  • Unparalleled wages. We pay our valued team members 20% higher wages than median average Bureau of Labor & Statistics.
  • For the most part, our employees work the schedule they choose, with the exception of client meetings.

We Care About Our Team Members

When we hire a new team member, we are committed to a long and fruitful tenure for our new family member. We pride ourselves in creating an engaging culture, which both respects and encourages independent thoughts AND ideas.

We Provide Outstanding Benefits

At GingerHippo, we never want a member of our family to be without care. Our team members enjoy fully paid medical benefits, to ensure both our employees AND their families are receiving quality care, when they need it.

Oh, let’s not forget about our 100% matching 401k, our profit sharing, and our charitable giving to children based charities, to the employee’s charity choice. We can’t think of any employer in existence, who truly cares about their team members as we do.

We Work On Hours, Not Time at GingerHippo

We have highly qualified team members from various parts of the country, and world. Time zones don’t matter much to us, as we measure total time worked, rather than specific times.

We realize the importance of needing to take care of personal tasks, and we don’t force our team members to utilize their valuable PTO (paid time off) to ensure their households are maintained. Paid time off is better utilized for spending valuable time with those you love.

By using project management software and mobile device managers, we encourage our employees to work the schedule that makes sense for them, even if hours in a given day are split, to make tasks more manageable.

Above Industry Average Wages

We pay our internal positions an industry leading salary, because you deserve to be paid for outstanding efforts.

Our position pay is determined by BLS median average income, plus 20%. If you are the best at what you do, we would love to talk about a higher wage, as we pay for ability, effort, education, and experience.

We encourage everyone to apply for open positions, regardless of whether you meet established requirements for the position exactly, because ability, effort and experience can far outweigh education. We both recognize and appreciate that simple fact.

Join The GingerHippo Team

Our Newest Position Expansions

Graphic Designer

Starting Salary ~ $78,440

Graphic Design is one of the most important elements in today’s marketing environment. Even the best piece of content or campaign will fail to realize the best result possible, if it isn’t visually appealing. You are the differentiator between okay and outstanding.


Starting Salary ~ $74,184

A copywriter tells the story, in a manner that is appealing to the reader. Making content come alive, giving it meaning and feeling, is what makes copywriting such a form of art. While a picture may be worth a thousand words, the written word is extremely important for our clients.

Marketing Specialist

Starting Salary ~ $75,876

A marketing specialist puts all of the team assets together, and delivers them to readers. Without a marketing specialist, marketing campaigns are never delivered, and potential prospects never see the finished product.

Sales Professional

Starting Salary ~ Commission Based

The sales professional is a vital role to our organization, and is rewarded extremely well for their efforts. Being the face of our company, we understand the importance of giving our sales team the tools they need to be successful on every level.

Market Researcher - SEO Specialist

Starting Salary ~ $75,876

Market Researchers are the very first step in the marketing process, and the very last step for delivering positive metrics. Your position is to be the glue of all content and it’s performance at GingerHippo.

Front End Web Designer

Starting Salary ~ $79,356

Our Website Designers create the end user experience for our clients. Your mission is to create a beautiful and functional digital footprint, working with your teammates to ensure visual appeal, seamless functionality, and outstanding engagement.

Stay Informed Of Our New Career Openings

If you don’t see the position you are looking for, it may become available soon. We are experiencing tremendous growth, and would love to keep you informed of new positions, as they become available.

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We would never share your information with others, or send you unrelated emails. Why? Because we don’t like getting them either.

We Provide Solutions Globally

From One Of Our Physical Locations

GingerHippo, New York City

Water Street Location

77 Water Street

7th & 8th Floors

New York, New York 10005

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GingerHippo Los Angeles

Union Bank Plaza

445 S. Figueroa

31st Floor

Los Angeles, California 90071

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GingerHippo, Miami

Brickell Bayview

80 Southwest 8th Street

Suite 2000

Miami, Florida 33130

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GingerHippo, Chicago

Michigan Avenue, Chicago

401 North Michigan Avenue

Suite 1200

Chicago, Illinois 60611

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GingerHippo, London

Fleet Street, London

107-111 Fleet Street

London, England EC4A 2AB

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GingerHippo, Philadelphia

Cira Centre

2929 Arch Street

Suite 1700

Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19104

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GingerHippo, Houston

1001 Texas Avenue

Suite 1400

Houston, Texas 77002

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GingerHippo, Dallas

Downtown Republic Center

325 North St. Paul Street

Suite 3100

Dallas, Texas 75201

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GingerHippo, Cincinnati

PNC Center

201 E. Fifth Street

Suite 1900

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

(513) 766-9347

GingerHippo, Washington DC

Washington - Franklin Square

1300 I Street Northwest

Suite 400E

Washington, D.C. 20005

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