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Best Plastic Cards Case Study
Giving visitors a clear path to achieving their goals on a website can be challenging. Understanding why people visited, helps create content and an outstanding user experience. The result of success?



How We Created A Clear Path For Their Visitors.

When you have thousands of sku’s on an eCommerce solution, it’s really easy to lose customers through confusion.

Best Plastic Cards had numerous opportunities to improve their visitor journey, engagement, and most importantly their SEO.

GingerHippo provided a new website, complete with SEO services, a content calendar, and the keyword research to make them be found organically.


Getting Best Plastic Cards Selected By Their Visitors


When we looked under the hood of their digital footprint, we found what we find in our industry WAY too often. BPC had a decent look and feel to their website, but lacked any form of SEO.

They don’t mind us sharing that they had cut corners on their previous design by outsourcing overseas, and the results of cutting corners had been costing them BIG. Reduced organic rankings, links, etc.


This solution isn’t unique to the eCommerce industry. They needed valuable content creation, which resulted in higher organic keyword rankings, through careful and diligent content engineering.

In an extremely competitive market vertical, every step GingerHippo didn’t make forward, one of BPC’s competitors surely would.

Scared isn’t in our vocabulary. We LOVE a great challenge, because success feels even better, when we are put to task.

Website Traffic Increase


Engagement Increase


Sales Increase


Client Satisfaction



“We needed drastic help, and we needed it quickly. As a business owner, I am extremely demanding, and there was never a hesitation in GingerHippo’s efforts, progress, or results. Thank you so much.”

Nick Fisher, Best Plastic Cards

~ Owner

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