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Mix & Match pages from each template, or multiple template styles. Simplified pricing. $300 per page. All templates include 5 free integrations, free lifetime theme license, initial On Page SEO, & 6 months of FREE maintenance & updates.

Need e-Commerce added to your template? Not a problem. WooCommerce integrations are an additional $200, with product additions starting at $5 per product.

All templated websites are mobile responsive, and we can exchange colors, imagery, and whatever else you need to make it your own.

Still have questions? See our website template faq.

Over 70 Templates. Mix & Match Pages From Any Template, To Create Your Perfect Website.

Restaurant Template

Designed to showcase restaurants & menu items, this template can be used for many different types of businesses. This responsive design is a showstopper.

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Intro to Hand Sculpture

Starts: Februrary 6th

Aenean et facilisis justo, vitae lobortis augue. Orci varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes

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Advanced Texturing

Starts: Februrary 6th

Aenean et facilisis justo, vitae lobortis augue. Orci varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Website Templates

Q: Do we offer templates for other hosting platforms, besides WordPress?

A: We do not. GingerHippo is primarily a WordPress development company, more specifically designing websites using the Divi Theme, as a lifetime development partner of Elegant Themes.

Q: What is meant by a free lifetime theme license?

A: GingerHippo is a lifetime development partner of Elegant Themes, the creator of Divi. We bought into a partnership agreement with Elegant Themes, because of our confidence in their product. Currently, over 500,000 websites use the Divi theme, making it the 2nd most used theme in the world. Because we don’t pay a fee for each individual theme license, we pass our savings on to our clients. We just don’t feel that we should charge people for something we don’t pay for. Call us crazy.

Q: What additional costs can I expect, besides the website cost?

A: There are a few. The first and foremost cost will be your domain name, if you haven’t purchased it already. Also, the hosting costs through your service provider. There is also the cost of your SSL or security certificate, and lastly maintenance costs. We are agnostic in all of these areas as a company, but we do recommend using GoDaddy as a source for your domain name, hosting, & SSL, if you haven’t made a decision on one yet. We do enough business with GoDaddy for our purposes, that we would be happy to pass along a coupon for your purchase.

It’s also important to note that image design is “roughly included” in our website templates. If you have imagery you want to use for your website, we can resize what you have, free of charge. Additional costs apply for fresh or new imagery, billed at a rate of $96/hour. Any and all change orders for additional costs are always pre-approved, to ensure we are being respectful of your budget.

We also want to point out that we offer maintenance & update contracts for all of our work, outside of the 6 free months we give with every website build. We stand behind our websites, and don’t want any of our clients to feel as if they were given a product that isn’t supported.

Q: How long will it take to complete my website, once I make a decision on what I want?

A: We have a team of developers, working on building websites. The short answer, is about 2 weeks. We estimate website design at 1.5 days per page, which includes any design time. We provide one of the fastest design times in our industry, and can’t think of anyone who consistently design websites faster than we do.

Q: What are the payment terms for GingerHippo, regarding website templates & web development?

A: We require half of the total bill in advance, and the other half on delivery of our finalized work. We feel these terms are fair, and it allows us to keep our people happy with being paid for their efforts. We bill for services using PayPal Business, which includes detailed invoicing for our work. Our invoices are due upon receipt, with a 10 day grace period for payment. Invoices paid past the 10 day grace period, may be subject to a 1% late fee, accrued for every 7 days past the initial grace period.

Q: Why can’t I just buy the Divi theme and build my own website? Why should I use GingerHippo?

A: If you would rather design your website yourself, we completely understand. Here’s a link to buy the Divi theme, and start designing your website. You will save the cost of design, but probably need to spend many hours learning how to design, padding & margins, negative margins, integrations, social sharing, blog design, and many more things that we specialize in. We aren’t being negative at all. What if we shared with you that we’ve had this happen a few times, and the client came back to us to finish their work? Make that ALL of them. Let us do what we are really good at, and you will be rewarded with less headaches. We promise.

Q: What types of images can I use for my website? What works best?

A: We are so, so happy you are reading this part of our faq. One of the biggest challenges we face with website design, is the imagery we receive from our clients. Let us explain why. The screen size for a laptop, desktop, or even your television, renders at 1920×1080. Every image is a landscape image. We live in a world of cell phones being used as cameras, which produces a portrait picture, unless the phone is turned sideways. When we expand a portrait image, it becomes blurry & pixelated, which doesn’t look great on a website.

Our recommendation is to buy a digital camera with great pixel rate, which are pretty affordable these days. But if you are determined to make your phone be the source of your imagery, please take your pictures with your phone turned sideways.

Important Note: If we expand an image you send us and it becomes pixelated, there isn’t much we can do on our end to solve the problem. We will ask for a different picture to use for your website. It’s just the way it is.

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