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It started with two guys with very different backgrounds, one a technical analytical former U.S. Army Veteran, the other a veteran corporate marketing branding strategist. Having worked together on several projects we realized few other companies integrate the technical analytics, with the branding story.   Seeing true marketing symmetry, we decided to team up and create something inspirational. GingerHippo was born.

01. Truth

Honesty is always the best policy. Our clients take comfort in knowing we put the truth first, regardless of how we feel about it. Why? Because the truth always comes out, and it is the cornerstone for success.

02. Trust

We believe trust is a core responsibility. Our clients trust what we say, because our metrics always tell the truth. Trusting a companies abilities, efforts, and diligence, are extemely important, especially to GingerHippo.

03. Transparency

With truth and trust, comes transparency. There is never a wonder as to where we are at in our work, because our clients receive real time updates on our work. How cool is that?

Doing what we love

The Numbers Don’t Lie

We aren’t in the habit of hiding our metrics, because we are very proud of them. We love every single client who gives us the privilege of creating great things for them.


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Meet Our Co-Founders

Mick Fagle


Before GingerHippo, Mick led the corporate marketing initiatives for many large corporations and a couple start-ups. When he isn’t working, Mick enjoys alpine skiing and vacationing with his family.

Brad Batdorf


Prior to GingerHippo,  Brad “Rain Man” spent time in the US Army, then Corporate America. He is one of 62 people certified  by Google for Latent Semantic Indexing.  A big fan of tractors. We can’t find a single picture of him not riding one.

Things Our Clients Say:

We Say Too Often


Because it is? Winning for our clients is truly awesome!


It’s in our email signature line for a reason!

Not A Problem

If it is, we’ll let you know. Otherwise, don’t worry about it.

We've Got This

No need to scratch your head, because this is not a problem.

Game Changer

Reserved for that moment when you’ve reached a tipping point.


Referring to great results and metrics. Nothing more.

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