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The Furniture specialist Case Study
The importance of being found on the front page is crucial for smaller businesses, who may lack an extensive ad budgets to gain new customers. Here is what we accomplished with The Furniture Specialist.


How We Redesigned Their Digital Footprint, In A Way Which Causes Ranking.

Like many of our smaller clients, The Furniture Specialist needed a completely redesigned digital footprint. Their monthly website traffic was next to zero, they didn’t rank for any search terms, and their eCommerce solution provided zero sales annually. We welcomed the challenge to create a stronger footprint and generate traffic, which would lead to consistent sales outcomes.


Getting The Furniture Specialist Found In Search


GingerHippo was starting with a clean slate. If a digital footprint doesn’t exist, creating one is pretty straightforward. Secondly, their budget for the project initially was pretty small. GingerHippo accepted the challenge of creating a stronger digital presence, on a shoestring budget, which would include grass roots marketing growth.


The Furniture Specialist’s primary engagement strategy revolves around social media. A single post of before and after pictures of their work, is viewed by as many as 7,700 people, bringing them outstanding website traffic, which boosts their organic keyword rankings. Paid advertising is used only on Facebook for this client, as they are currently experiencing a 2 month wait for services. Not a bad position to be in.

Website Traffic Increase


Engagement Increase


Sales Increase


Client Satisfaction



“By working with GingerHippo, we were able to expand our digital footprint and marketing presence. I don’t understand SEO, but thanks to GingerHippo, I know it works.”

Chris Elmquist, The Furniture Specialist ~ Owner

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