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Are You Saying All Of The Right Things, In All Of The Wrong Ways?

Content engineering is one of the most underutilized strategies and methods in digital marketing. We hear people talk about storytelling, and writing content for readers, rather than valuable content for search. We couldn’t disagree more.

We strongly encourage our clients to take a different approach, regarding content. What if content was written for both the reader AND search engines?

Creating engagement

Creating An Outstanding Customer Experience Is What Every Company Wants.

Your multi-touchpoint online customer experience must represent your brand story in a compelling, simple manner. You must be found, interesting, and inspiring. That is digital marketing, NOT digital sales. Marketing owns the digital experience.

GingerHippo takes pride in ensuring online visitors are presented with valuable content, in a manner that is appealing, on the platform of their choice.

User experience determines whether they stay or leave. When a website visitor chooses to leave, they may not give you another chance to make a better impression.

Improving Your Search

It all starts with an initial consultation. We don’t know how to help, unless you fill us in.

Content Engineering

Web Design

Social Media

Buyer Journeys

User Experience


Competitive Market Analysis

Latent Semantic Indexing

Did You Know?

Here Are Some Facts

About Search

We find a lot of contradicting facts about search in our industry. Marketing agencies tend to shine a light on what they want you to know, and only if it is in their best interest. GingerHippo prides itself in transparency, and has become a very trusted resource for being agnostic within our verticals, in an effort to achieve the best results for the people who matter most. Our valuable clients.

Are You Top 5?

The top 5 search result spots receive 75% of search traffic.

Do you know your customer?

Matching keywords with your target customer is essential.

How do search engines rank your website?

Keywords, content, tagging, backlinks, and freshness are all measured.

What is most important?

High quality content and link building are the two most important signals used by Google to rank your website for search.

Customer Journey

It Has Been Forever Digitally Disrupted

Be found and for the right reasons. Be on page one and rank in the top half of page one for the terms your target audience is using to find answers.Remember, you have 5 seconds, so it better be perfect.

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