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Getting Selected More often Feels great, right?

Are You Getting Selected?

Tell The Right Story

Giving the best impression

Are You Providing An Outstanding Visual Journey?

You have only 50 milliseconds (.5 seconds) to make a first impression. What people see visually, creates emotion. The emotion created determines their intent. After you’ve gained their attention, you have 5 additional seconds to build credibility, above the fold. What is your current site saying in 5.5 seconds?

94% of a visitors experience is visual. Inspiring your visitors with visual appeal, is the very first and most important step in digital engagement.

Visual engagement

Are You Inspiring In The Early Stages, For Consideration In The Later Stages?

The single largest opportunity we see within our industry, after visual appeal, is brand consistency and amplification. Most companies lack the resources internally, to create the best opportunity for engagement outwardly.

Small and medium sized companies are tasked with needing resources they may not be able to afford, or need on a full time basis, which is where GingerHippo fits in. We allow our clients the opportunity to have a full service marketing department, on a budget that makes sense for their needs.

Getting Selected

It all starts with an initial consultation. We don’t know how to help, unless you fill us in.

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Complete Engagement

Did You Know?

Here Are Some Facts

About Selection

Being selected by a consumer is what we all desire. Our hope in your visiting this site, is that you will be compelled to reach out and start a conversation about building a great relationship with us. Our hopes are the same as yours, meaning we share a vision.

In most cases, a visitor will consider multiple vendors before making a decision, and our job is to convince them that you are the best choice. Plain and simple.


On average, a person makes 35,000 decisions per day.

What makes people engage?

People engage, when a product or service satisfies a need, or solves a problem.

Social Media Is Required

81% of the US engages on social media every single day.

Confidence Means Everything

People make decisions, only when they are confident it is the right one.

Top 5 Website Mistakes

And How To Fix Them

Is your initial impression to your website visitor causing them to rethink their decision to visit your website? Most people lose a majority of their built value in a website, when they receive a 404 error. A diligent company will ensure their links are pointing to valid pages, and constantly look for 404 errors to correct them. This one of the easiest website mistakes to fix.

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