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Keller Williams Case Study
Things can get pretty difficult to manage, when you are the fastest growing residential real estate company in the United States.

Keeping a growing business and ever growing work force moving at a consistent pace, without interruption or error, was GingerHippo’s task.


How We Streamlined Their Digital Presence, With A Foundation To Scale.

Before KW’s new website was created, people visiting their website were left in a state of confusion of where to go, and how to get their problems solved.

By delineating and focusing their message to a clear cut solution, GingerHippo is able to provide a great user experience, and promote scaleable growth.


Creating A Solution To Streamline Keller Williams Digitally.


With 20,000+ visitors to their site, keeping their buyers engaged and moving through the marketing funnel is the single largest challenge.

Simplifying a digital footprint isn’t always the best solution, but keeping a user engaged in a massive website can be nearly impossible, which is why market verticals needed to be clearly defined for Keller Williams.


Keep it simple. GingerHippo helped define clear visitor paths and buyer journeys. By simplifying the process, KW’s traffic became more distinct, which allowed buyer persona’s to be created.

It call really boils down to whether a visitor is buying or selling their home for Keller Williams. The next step is aligning them with the right agent or office to exceed their expectations.

Website Traffic Increase


Engagement Increase


Organic Keyword Growth


Client Satisfaction



“We really needed help figuring out the pieces for our website and traffic. GingerHippo was spot on with their recommendations. It all made so much sense.”

Don Chering, Keller Williams

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