Where To Find Your Word Count In Google Docs

by GingerHippo

Word count on Google Docs is a simple tool to ensure total word count, or article length. This tool can provide total characters for things like title tags and meta descriptions, and allows section word counts, in the event you need to trim an article to a specific word size limit.

Our walk through of establishing word counts and character counts, should offer a great solution for bloggers, students writing articles, and journalists checking their total story length. Let’s dive into the specifics.

We can use the shortcut to get to the tool, which is “command + shift + c” for Mac, or “ctrl + shift + c” for PC. The other method is to use the navigation at the top of your Google Doc, labeled “Tools”, shown in the picture below.

Using Google Docs As An Overall Word Counter


The general information of using this feature, allows us to use Google Docs to act as a word counter, character counter, and page counter. By using the tool within your document, you have the ability to sculpt or trim as necessary, to meet your specific needs.

Finding Your Word Count For A Specific Text Box Or Text Area In Google Docs

If we highlight a specific section or text area, Google Docs gives us the ability to use their word count tool to determine pages, words, characters, and characters without spaces. This functionality provides a great resource in determining anything from social media post characters, research articles, all the way down to title tag lengths. Here is an example of using the word count tool on a specific section of text:

By highlighting the specific area, Google Docs gives us specific word count of that section. For the section we highlighted, our content was contained to 1 page, highlighted (70 words) of the total (236 words), has (421 characters) of (1335 total characters), and gives us characters excluding spaces of (352 characters) within a total of (1106 characters).

Easy enough, right? We use Google Docs for all of our article writing, to build out and define an article before publishing. We hope you enjoyed our brief article and explanation.

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